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Patient Prescription Schedule (PPS)
Product ID #PPS-02

  • A Value-Added Service that your pharmacy presents to the customers. It is a detailed prescription schedule printed by your staff and accompanies the prescription medication for the customer to take home.
  • These printable schedules provide a virtually fool proof prescription schedule for your patients to take home and tape to the refrigerator. Many patients struggle with understanding how and when to take their prescription medications, and for those complex prescription regimens it can be even more challenging. These schedules greatly reduces the chance of miss-dosing and is a certainly a convenience for the patient. One important feature is that the Day of Week (Mon, Tue, etc.) is displayed which further reduces possible mis-dosage.
    Most importantly to you is that it distinctively displays your organization and contact information.
    There are two basic schedule types:
    --- Multi-Prescription Schedule - Multi-Prescription Schedule.
    --- Single Prescription Schedule (to include Varying Dosage (Prednisolone), etc.) - Single Prescription Schedule.)

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  • Multi-Prescription Schedule This schedule addresses multiple prescription in one schedule with multiple dosage times per day.
    • Four different Medications
    • Each at Four different Times per Day
    • Each with unique Start & Stop Date
    • Multiple pages for extended schedule time
    • A 3-medication schedule is included which prints in portrait format
    • Data is entered by your staff in the simple Multi-Prescription Data Entry Form shown below. The software calculates and generates the printed schedule. Nothing is entered directly into the schedule.
    • The following sample schedule is not a realistic schedule, but does demonstrate the capabilities of the software. --- View the Data Entry Form below ---

    Multi-Prescription Data Entry Form:
    • Data is entered in the blue cells only. Green cells are calculated
    • Typically, your organization data is entered "Your Pharmacy / Medical Care Center..." and then saved as your default data entry form.
    • Then, if you have a prescription that follows a specific or similar dosage format, you would enter that data in the schedule and save the program to a specific file for future use. Thus, when this schedule is to be printed only the Patient Name and the Start Date needs to be entered. - A few seconds at most.

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  • Single Prescription Schedule (to include Varying Dosage (Prednisolone, etc.) Use for single prescriptions and will accommodate any complicated prescription schedule when dosages may vary in quantity, and/or time frame. This schedule greatly reducing the possibility of patient miss-dosage and will be certainly be appreciated by the patient. Also applicable to any daily schedule. --- View the Data Entry below ---

    • A headed for each prescription describing the quantity of tablets, how often the dosage, and the duration. See above - 2 Tablets Every 1 Day for 4 Days.
    • The header is followed by the date and most importantly the day of week to take the medication, and the number of tablets. See above - 11/08/2019 (Fri).
    • Tracks the quantity of medication remaining and a reminder as when to refill.
    • A space is provided for the patient to check off when the medication is administered.
    • All the above greatly simplifies, for the patient, the typical prescription information printed on the bottle. (Similar to the Schedule information printed in the Schedule section).
    • A simple Data Entry Form typically requires only two fields to be entered, the patients name and the prescription start date. This requires only a few seconds and then the schedule is printed for the patient.

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    Single Prescription Office Date Entry Form:
    • This form is filled out by the pharmacy or physician personnel. The data entered produces the Prescription Schedule which is printed for the patient. Data is entered in Blue cells. Green cells are calculated.
    • Calculates and displays quantity required of schedule. Although any desired quantity can be entered to be printed on the Prescription Schedule.
    • Note: To simplify the data entry process we suggest entering your organization contact information, the medication Rx prescription, quantity, etc. and save this specific prescription format to a specific file name (Prednisolone 5 mg, etc.). Then this specific file can then be reloaded for this specific medication and, within a few seconds, only a customer name and start date need to be entered.

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    For Retail Pharmacy or Physician Office:
    • A value-added service which you could provide free to the customers. Or, perhaps at a minimal charge ($2.00, etc.) to the customer at an expense of $0.02 for a sheet of paper.
    • The simplified Office Data Entry Form typically requires only two fields to be entered, the patients name and the prescription start date. This requires only a few seconds and then the schedule is printed.
    • If you prescribe specific medications with a similar schedule the form can be saved under the medication name for future use. Thus, requiring minimal entries as described above.
    • Your organization title, logo, and address are distinctively displayed providing advertisement. Better than a refrigerator magnet that would probably be discarded.
    • You can selectively display telephone number, web site URL, email address, note to patient, etc. on the printed schedule.
    For Corporations:
    • We develop custom spreadsheets for corporations and government agencies to address, data automation requirements, surveys, inventory, etc. Typical applications are campus wide information technology requirements which may include switches, routers, fiber count, bandwidth, total cost, etc. All structured to your unique requirements. Contact us…
    For Individual Patients:
    • Contact us.

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